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Journal Entry: What is Love?

All too often, we forget what sustains us. I know that I fell victim to such things time and again before being taken under his wing and being taught how to discipline myself. Even now, I still stumble and fall but now I know how to get up and soldier on. I have discovered that is not the words or thoughts. It is not acts of service. None of these are the true meaning of love.

It is the gentle constancy, the consistency of love that is the truth of it. I have learned not to be distracted by the chaos that often swirls around myself or others near me. I have learned to stay with the daily rituals taught to me by a man who I thought to always disdain only to find that my disdain was really just love in disguise.

Love is not simply a feeling. It is an act of will. A feeling can be as fleeting as a breath, thus false love is fleeting and I refuse to do such an injustice to the man I have come to respect and, yes, love. I choose to love him by my repeated actions, day after day. I choose to continue with my constant routines to honor my love for him on my good days and my worst. I would choose to love him over and over again above and beyond anyone else because he is worthy of my acts of love. And I choose him because I know that he would never ask me to put him above my duty to the people as I would never ask the same of him.

I am uncertain if I will ever see him again, not that it matters, I have made my choice. I am his, not because he demands it of me. Not because he has proclaimed it. I am his because I choose to be and will continue to do so.

It really is as simple as that.

What I need...

I may as well have been struck by lightning with the surge of emotion that consorted throughout my body at the sight of Hamid. Everything within me coiled like a predator ready to strike as the rage that I immediately felt warred with my own self-control. To touch him in any aggressive manner would be seen as an attack by any who witnessed it and all I wished to do was ball up a small fist and smash him in the face with it.

That was the impulse for the first few seconds of witnessing his return. Then it all turned to disbelief. He’d been gone for near a month now and all my most fervent wishes could have manifested into a lucid dream that he had come home when I needed him most. Surely it was all my imagination. It was my mind finally being torn asunder. I had finally lost my hold on it all.

It wasn’t that either.

He was here.

He is standing right before me and asking me what it is I need.

What I need, I can no longer have.

I watch as my own hand lifts, fingers unfurling to reach out and gently press against his chest testing for a heartbeat. The steady thrum there causes my eyes to squeeze shut for a moment, holding back the dam of tears that threaten to spill for all but a moment before I am under control once more and answer him in the only way he should have expected before any manner of witness.

“What I need is to return to my work, my lord.” After all, one thing I needed had already been gifted. He was back, things could return to normal normal as they can be without my husband here.

My hand drops away from him as I discreetly step back to put a distance between us, the memory of our last encounter still vivid within my mind. I am no longer frightened. I know that he would not purposely hurt me and it was a moment emotionally charged, but I dare not put him in such a position again. I dare not test those boundaries for all of our sakes.

His sanity.

My safety.

The barony’s security.

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well? do yah?

they decided they were friends on sight

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New canon: Sailor Quasar power does not come from within. Her power is to drain energy out of things.

This power is kinda hard to control, so this led to some issues in her childhood aka plants dying in her hands and people getting sick around her. So her parents invented a crystal to supperss her powers.

Maybe this crystal was supposed to be a small gift to her. Maybe her parents just wanted to help her. Maybe they had no idea that the crystal will eventually grow and swallow her whole.

But whatever happened, happened.

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after getting out of the crystal, she of course has much more control on the energy she drains and how she stores it. still she won't hesitate to drain an entire planet or two to make some cool earrings out of it


I feel like loving people right now, so to everybody reading this post,


That was my PSA

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yeah yeah yeah *doodles my 1 of m ocs in ms paint*

Jackson got an official design update! Now with platinum blonde/white hair.

Left to right: Androgynous, feminine, masculine.

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They grow up so fast...

My landlords are having a party downstair and I can't sleep, so it's OCs time!

From babies to adults!


Im sitting down at the table and chatting and i fucking look over and the deck window and there is a raccoon right up against it!! Looking in and observing!!!! Just like studying my family in their home!! Trying to find our weakness for the future uprising!! Im elated!!!!

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shes......... an actual Babe i love her........

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